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Beef Steak


Eat what you crave



Moon Steak is a biotech company aiming to transform the meat industry by fabricating high quality artisanal meat cuts using proprietary metamaterials and molding platform. Whole cuts of meat are healthier and safer and allow for countless of culinary of innovations that are essential for the joy of cooking.    

Yaakov Nahmias Believer Meat Founder with Iftah Katz and Mohammad Ghosheh alternative meat company


Prof. Yaakov Nahmias, Founder & CTO
Successful entrepreneur and innovator raised close to $400M to date. Fellow of AIMBE and RSM with affiliation to Hebrew University and Harvard. 

Iftah Katz, CEO
Senior executive with 25 years of leadership experience in international companies (Teva, Adama). Established operations in several startups and led successful product launch in international markets. 

Dr. Mohammad Ghosheh, Co-Founder

Bioengineer graduate of Izmir Katip Celebi University and Hebrew University. Co-founder of Swift Duct.



Moon Steak proprietary metamaterials, such as Moon Fat, are vegan, healthy, and delicious, replicating the unique texture, aroma, and flavor of meat during cooking and through the bite. 

Moon Steak proprietary molding process is 1,000-time less expensive than 3D printing, allowing the company produce high value products at a fraction of the cost, bringing the vision and promise of alternative meats to a far greater audience than its competitors.  

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